Vases and Spaces: Transforming your Home Interior with Good Old Vases

Vases are underrated interior design elements. They are available in almost all shapes, sizes, colors, and materials. They are versatile as well; you can use them on tables, countertops, shelves, or even on the floor. Here are some nice ideas on decorating your home with vases.

Use as bold accents

Bold colored vases make wonderful eye-catching decors on simple and bare spaces. They would add a pop of fun and color in your living space to make it look more alive and interesting. If you have a plain white main door at home, for instance, try putting large blue vases on each side for added drama.

Brighten up a lonely corner

Vases can actually serve as a focal point in your interiors. That applies even in vacant and boring corners in your house such as the space under a staircase. Place a group of yellow vases of different sizes to turn the area into an instant center of attraction. Put some dried twigs from your garden to give them more personality.

Mix with other decors

Like most home decorations, vases can be easily paired with other design elements. You can arrange them with framed family photos, figurines, artworks, and perhaps some items from your collection. Just make sure to achieve harmony and balance with the arrangement of items to make the display look attractive and perfect for your home.

Add some greenery

Vases do not always need fresh flowers; sometimes some lush greenery would do the work. Foliage and stems from evergreen shrubs, for example, are amazing partners to clear vases. Put some water to keep them fresh and replace them with other nice leaves once needed.

These are only a few of the hundreds of ways you can use vases to beautify your home. As a last piece of advice, go for quality classic vases that would go well with other home decors or theme. Home and lifestyle brands such as Ka-pok are a good place to start if you want some nice and unique finds.

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