Vietnam Gambling Destination

Many visitors to Vietnam realize that the first stop after being in the country is invariably to Vietnam’s large and growing number of casinos. Although many of these same visitors will eventually end up in the larger cities of Ho Chi Minh City or Hanoi, there is something for everyone in Vietnam, with over 200 casinos spread throughout the country. Many of these gambling facilities are found in small and secluded rural areas where the tourist will find a particularly congenial environment. The same sites can also be visited by foreign nationals who do not want to miss out on the gambling opportunities that Vietnam has to offer.

Hanoi’s largest and most popular gambling destination is naturally the larger city of Hanoi. A trip across Vietnam to Hanoi’s Old Town can yield interesting sights of the old Chinese-influenced architecture that pervades much of the city. In addition to Hanoi’s historic center, you’ll find several remarkable museums including the Museum of Vietnamese Art, which is home to hundreds of ancient paintings and sculptures. This museum has a huge collection of ethnic art, which spans over centuries and is the largest collection of its kind in Vietnam. The Vanda Gulf Water Park is another fascinating tourist attraction, especially for those interested in lacing up their boots and getting a close look at dolphins. There are plenty of exciting things to do in Hanoi, but what people usually remember from this island destination is the nightlife.

Many of the largest and most popular casinos in Vietnam can be found in Hanoi’s old quarter or “thousand square” which is the traditional heart of the city. The hippie quarter also offers a somewhat familiar feel to the gambling experience, although perhaps more decadent than the casinos in Vietnam would suggest. Most of Hanoi’s hotels are along the Hoan Kiem Road. For those traveling from western countries, the main international airport in Vietnam is located in Hanoi’s sister city of Hanoi. From there, all that is needed is a quick taxi ride or a comfortable minibus to reach the casinos in Vietnam. If one is coming from Bangkok, you will need a quick ride to get to the casinos in Vietnam before your trip is over.

Before stepping foot into one of the many casinos in Vietnam, it is important to remember that gambling in Vietnam is strictly prohibited by law. The last thing that you would want to do would be to set up shop in one of these locations and begin laying bets with your hard-earned money. Although there are no local laws that prohibit players from playing virtual or online casinos in Vietnam, it is recommended that you research each site that you are considering playing at before making an agreement. It should also be noted that many of the more popular online gambling websites do accept players from the United States and other countries, but do not allow players from Vietnam due to the language barrier.

One of the most well-known destinations when it comes to enjoying some casino action is the Vanda Bay Vietnam, which is one of the largest licensed casinos in Vietnam. This location boasts two mega-resorts and several hotels that cater to guests interested in both gambling and food. These two gambling venues have separate entrances and are only open during the daytime hours. Both of the sites feature two hundred and sixty-four gaming tables, which have a maximum capacity of one hundred and twenty players. There are also a number of electronic gaming clubs that provide a variety of games for players to enjoy.

The other location that is worth exploring when it comes to getting away from the traditional cities is Hanoi’suan Hotel. This hotel, which serves as an international conference center, boasts nine different gambling venues, which include poker, craps, roulette, blackjack, baccarat, video poker, keno, and kudzu. It also offers an onsite restaurant that serves Vietnamese dishes along with an international network of restaurants that serves cuisine from all over Vietnam. The Hanoi’suan Hotel is one of the preferred gambling destinations among the tourists who travel to Vietnam. This is because most online gambling websites accept players from this location.

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